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About Jena

Hi, I’m Jena

I’m wife to Steve, my amazing husband, and mom to my two wonderful daughters, Emma and Finley, who are both little fireballs filled with energy.

Together we’re living a crazycolorful life faced with our own struggles, but that’s all part of our greater family story.

Growing up, I developed an eating disorder as a teenager. I tried diet pills, bulimia, and other means to control my weight. This struggle left me feeling lost, and hopeless about my future.

I had everything you could want: I had graduated college with a degree, I had a stable job, and a family who loved me. Yet I found I was unhappy, and unsatisfied with my life.

My journey had just begun

In my mid-thirties, I found I’d had enough. I realized my life had begun to pass me by. I was floating through, with unused talents, passion, and skills buried beneath my fear and anxiety.

I decided to work my way towards a healthier life. I changed my diet, started exercising, and given up some of the unhealthy habits I relied on in the past. These past few years haven’t been easy. But I’ve discovered a new joy and passion for simple things in life.

On my crazyCOLORFUL blog, I’ve decided to share my passion for this drive as a health and fitness coach, helping other women like me become happy, healthy, and strong.

Won’t you join me on this journey to a crazy colorful and healthy new life?

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